Managing workloads.

As much as this post is procrastination from everything I should be doing, here are some things that can help you stay on top of workloads and assignments.

  •  Remove yourself from distractions, wether that be music, people, computers or your very beloved cellphone. Now, if your work is on a computer, turning off the internet may help you from sneaking back onto Facebook.
  •  Prioritise your work. What is due soon or what you struggle with the most should be top priority. Don’t worry to much about extra work for better marks if you really are struggling for time.
  • Routine. Figure out what works best for you, and organise resources and time prior to studying. Look at your schedule over the next few weeks and figure out what times you will be ready to sit down and hit the books.

  • Make time for fun, take a break every hour to refresh your brain.

  • Eat better. Eating better and keeping yourself hydrated makes a massive difference in helping your brain function. Don’t forget to get a goods night sleep as well. No use staying up late working on projects if it will leave you frazzled the next day.

Hard to be happy?

When people say it is hard to be happy. It isn’t; 

  • If you are grateful you will be happy.
  • If you share you will be happy. 
  • If you look after yourself you will be happy. 
  • If you help other people you will be happy. 
  • If you follow your dreams and not focus on limitations you will be happy. 

Be a good person, and good will come to you. 

Controlling Anger.

Personally being someone who has struggled with very aggressive outbursts of anger for a very long time I have slowly managed to get a grip on things. Here are some things I find helpful to consider next time you feel as if you a losing control of your temper.  

1. Figure out what you are actually angry at. A lot of the time it is many minor things that lead up to outbursts so when you finally lose your temper it is at the wrong person, thing, time or place. 

2. Try to avoid situations that you know you will lose your temper in. If that is not possible, think of solutions to the problem or spend some time before hand calming yourself down so you can go in clear headed. Meditation and breathing are excellent tools for this. 

3. Count to 10, or 20, or 100. Count until your head is clear.

4. Always keep an open mind, and try see things from other peoples perspectives. They might not always see it from yours but that only means you are one step ahead at learning to control your feelings. 

5. Try and recognise when you are starting to feel angry so you can remove yourself from a conflicting situation. Clenching fist or jaw, feeling hot, feeling dizzy or a different breathing pattern. If you can pick up on these you are recognising your mood and giving yourself a chance to think before you speak/act. 

6. Eat better food and exercise. A healthy body means a healthy mind. I think this goes to any troubling aspect in your life. 

7. Take a quick reality check.
- How important is what you are frustrated about?
- Is it worth being angry about?
- Do I really need to be working myself up about this?
- Is there anything I can actually do about this?

8. Just remember, some things are just not worth your time or energy. Look after yourself, wouldn’t you rather spend time relaxing than letting yourself get worked up. 

Each day we are given is such a blessing. There are always so many wonderful things to celebrate.

Each day we are given is such a blessing. There are always so many wonderful things to celebrate.

Anonymous asked:

I just want to say that your blog is fabulous! I have shared it on my fan page. You have such a wonderful energy radiating out from you and it's wonderful that you are creating a ripple effect with all who read it. You definitely have another fan. I look forward to reading your purely positive stuff. So informative, so uplifting and knows what your your talking about. Thank you. I know this is the question area but couldn't find where to post comments Keep up the good work. Much love x

It is messages like this that when I read them I remember why I started posting in the first place :) Thank you so much for the motivation <3 

thegoodtimesarekillinggmee asked:

I was diagnosed with a mild form of depression about a year ago. I see a therapist and each week she challenges me to come up with a new mantra. I found your blog a few weeks ago and now I come in every week with a new mantra from your blog! Your positive notes keep me going every day. I don't think you realize that you're changing lives. Thank you!

Wow, that is really lovely. Thank-you so so much <3 I am glad this blog does a lot for you :)